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National Electronic Library

Access to full texts of the National Electronic Library it is possible to get through the database "National Electronic Library". It contains bibliographic descriptions of electronic documents and  links to files of electronic copies.


The database is formed in ABIS IRBIS. With the purpose to see full texts of the National Electronic Library, it is necessary to authorize.

Local users (in the library) have access to all electronic documents including into the collection of full text documents. Internet users have access only to parts of documents included into structure of the virtual fund.

The National Electronic Library includes full texts of local  documents, including the following collections: 

Zyryanika Collection. Electronic copies of rare editions are included into the Zyryanika collection: the first publications of classics of Komi of literature and Komi region, copies  of Komi  books and manuscripts  from the Russian National library (St. Petersburg).

Finnougrika Collection. The basis of the Finnougrika collection is  digital versions of books in Finno-Ugric languages (except the Komi language) from the collection by the Hungarian scholar Peter Domokosh, donated to the Komi National Library in 2008 year.

Musical Manuscripts Collection  includes works of the Komi composer M.L.Gertsman.

Collection of Local  Periodicals includes Komi Republican and regional periodicals since the beginning of the XX century.

Writers of the Komi Republic Collection acquaints with Komi fiction from 30th years of the XX century to the present.

Unpublished works.  Full texts of Komi authors who have now no opportunity to publish their works are placed in this section.

Collections of Other Libraries of the Komi Republic include  electronic copies of documents from other Komi libraries and institutions.

For viewing of the list of full texts  you can use the Index.

All the texts of the National Electronic Library are submitted in the PDF format. For successful viewing of files it is recommended to use version 9.0 Adobe Reader. It is possible to download the program here.

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