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In 2007 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin put big tasks before the largest libraries of the country on creation of national electronic libraries for general use. For the Republic of Komi organisation of the National electronic library means creation, ordering, storage and use of electronic versions of all documents that make national archives of a written heritage of Komi people. 
At present this heritage, stored in funds of the National library of the Republic of Komi, remains inaccessible to the world. Transferring of these documents into the digital format will make possible an easy approach to them for researchers of the Finno-Ugric world and all library users.

5392.jpgWhen realising these tasks, put by the President, the Government of the Republic of Komi has allocated to National library the sum of 2,5 million roubles for organisation of this work. For this purpose in the library the special working group was organised, the laboratory on digitising of rare and valuable editions was equipped, the Concept of the National electronic library was worked out. Main principles of selection of documents for digitising were determined. 

For today experts of the library have digitised about 700 documents. They are manuscripts, rare and valuable editions and newspapers on the Komi language since 1920.

Creation of the National electronic library of the Republic of Komi, as well as all projects devoted to preservation of cultural heritage of the Komi nation for the future generations, is important for all world cultural community. Already now available electronic copies of rare and valuable editions, kept in funds of the National library of the Republic of Komi, are in great demand. The part of them, including electronic versions of newspapers on the Komi language from the beginning of their publication, was given for use to Helsinki University library and the library of the Institute of Russia and the East Europe in Helsinki. 
The national electronic library of the Republic of Komi will be opened for researchers all over world, first of all for Finno-Ugric scientists. A big number of documents on history and linguistics of Komi people will become a part of world written heritage. New opportunities for cultural exchange will be developed.

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