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The International Book Exchange


Telephone: (8212) 24-57-03


Contact: Nadezhda  Anufrieva

The National Library of the Republic of Komi has been conducting the equivalent book  exchange with foreign libraries and scientific centres for 15 years.

The book exchange is carried out on the following terms:

The Exchange lists of new publications for the International Exchange stock are on regular basis. We can send you these lists by E-mail. While sending your claims you have to indicate the title of the list and the indexes of the books chosen. It should be kept in mind that the literature available will be sent to those who have sent their claims first. In case of the copies having been distributed by the time the claim has arrived, we'll try to provide the edition asked for and inform you.

We can offer you the scientific works on the following themes:

·  The history of the Republic of Komi.

·  The ethnography and folklore of Komi.

·  Komi linguistics and culture.

·  The current situation in the economy and business of the Republic of Komi.

 All editions are published by the local publishing houses.

See Exchange Offer List

The Komi National Library would like to receive the Exchange lists or bibliographies from you.

Our library is interested in documentary sources and scientific researches on the following subjects:

·  Russia (its history, culture, economy and policy).

·  The Republic of Komi.

·  The Komi Language.

·  History, historical sciences and the history of your country.

·  Philosophical sciences.

·  Psychology.

·  Religion, the history of Religion.

·  Cultural studies.

·  Fine Arts.

·  Economy, economic sciences (economy and business in your country).

·  Political sciences.

·  Pedagogics, education (Education in your country).

·  Methods of foreign languages teaching.

·  Linguistics.

If you are interested in this information you may send your claims by E-mail.

The International book exchange News.

In 2008 the International book exchange department of the National Library of the Republic of Komi celebrated its fifteen-year anniversary.

Currently it is possible to speak that the international book exchange of our library has achieved certain progress.

At present the number of foreign partners of the Komi National Library amounts to 20 libraries and scientific organizations.

The largest partners of our library are:

· The Congress Library of the USA;

· The University Library of Wisconsin (Madison, USA);

· The Library of Goettingen University (Germany);

· The Helsinki University Library (Finland);

· The Institute for Russian and East European Studies Library (Helsinki, Finland);

· The Ferents Secheni National Library of Hungary;

· The National Library of Estonia;

· The Tartu University Library (Estonia);

· The National Diet Library (Japan).

As our Republic is Finno-Ugric we actively cooperate with libraries and scientific centres of Finno-Ugric regions of near and far foreign countries - Hungary, Finland and Estonia.

The fund of the Finno-Ugric department existing in our library is basically formed due to the international book exchange literature.

Within the years of the existence of our department our library has received more than 2300 copies of literature according to the international book exchange programme. We may say that the international book exchange is one of the most effective sources of acquisition of funds as well as reception of literature in gift.

See  Literary novelties of the International book exchange department

For several years the Institute for Russian and East European Studies Library (Helsinki, Finland) has been sending us the literature in gift. This library provides us with very interesting, unique and expensive editions.

The Slavic University research Centre in Hokkaido (Japan) traditionally sends to our library the literature in Russian and English languages on history, economy, politics of Russia and its regions.

The assistance on behalf of the Sweden Institute in Stockholm has become traditional, the goal being the distribution and popularization of the information about Sweden and enhancing of interest to learning the Swedish language.

The Embassies of Denmark, Netherlands and Norway also presented us with some literature.

In total we have received more than 2200 copies of literature in gift.

In future we plan to promote the book exchange with the countries of Barents Euro-Arctic region, France and to strengthen the communication with old partners in the International book exchange.

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