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Applied Arts


Center of National Crafts "Zaran" 

Center of National Crafts "Zaran" was opened on August, 21st, 2008 in the village of Vylgort of the Syktyvdin area. In the Center there are  workshops completed with  modern equipment for training of traditional national crafts.

центр народных ремесел.jpg

Now in the Center more than 400 children and 50 adults work with professional masters.

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Корзинки Е. Кочева с Пажга.jpg


Туеса Праздничные Е. Кочева с Пажга.jpg





Kostyleva Marija Ivanovna

Lacy products of the skilled master from Pazhga Marija Ivanovna Kostyleva can  compete with products of Vologda lace masters. In early 1990 years when at schools there were opened ethnocenters, she together with several teachers from the  Komi Republic went to Vologda for lace makers courses.

Мастер М. И. Костылева.jpg

Kostyleva Marija Ivanovna


At first sight the weaving art seems to be very difficult. But Marija Ivanovna asserts that even first years schoolchildren could master this style of art.


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Mingaleva Nina Mihajlovna 

Mingaleva Nina Mihajlovna  was born in a big family and dreamed to become a painter. She graduated from Syktyvkar Teacher Training College (branch of Art Drawing), worked as a teacher at the School of Arts of Usinsk. Then she continued her education at the All-Russia University named after A.Gertsen in St.-Petersburg. 


Today Nina Mihajlovna teaches in the Republican College of Culture  named after  V. Chistalev. In painting she is interested in iconographic scenes, likes to write landscapes.


Special place in her creativity  occupies making gobelins. All of them are weaved in the manual way and devoted  to  bible characters personifying «eternal love» or contain country motives.



Владис, Г. Любовь земная и небесная // Молодежь Севера. – 2008. - 16 октября. - №42.



Overin Simeon Ilich 

Overin Simeon Ilich (02.08.1924-19.12.1996) was born in the place of Njulydzja of the Syktyvdin area (Komi Republic). He was a talented  painter though had no special art education .

С. И. Оверин за работой в своей мастерской.jpg

С. И. Оверин народный мастер за работой в своей мастерской.jpg

ОВЕРИН Изделия из бересты.jpg


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Svetlichnaja-Tot Svetlana

Enamel  master. 

Svetlana Tot for many years worked in the Komi Republican Art Museum. In  1988 - 1991 years she was its director. For the last 17 years the artist lives in Hungary. In a small town of Kecskemet there is a well-known Art Enamel Center. Today Svetlana Konstantinovna is a recognized enamel master.

Светлана Тот перед работой Древо Жизни.jpg

In her opinion enamel is very popular in Europe. At first there is a metal processing on which the drawing is put. It could be ready-made pictures or separate elements for creation of decorative panels, jewels and even icons.

ТОТ Плащ шамана.jpg


ТОТ Душа медведицы.jpg


Вовк, Л. Картины – в печку! // Трибуна. - 2009. - 27 февраля. - С.2.


Toropov Valery Lavrentevich

The Syktyvdin Area is the only area in the republic which still produces traditional ceramics. Vylgort had a potter's workshop for along time. The "Goncharik" Art Studio has been open for over 10 years in the district of Picha-Pashnya (poultry farm). Classes are conducted there by V. Toropov, People's Artist, and a member of the board of the Union of Masters (Komi Republic). This art studio was recently designated and  ecognized as a school of ethnic crafts. The school has a unique museum of children’s ethnic toys. The museum exhibits have been collected at d festivals of national ethnic art, not only in Russian, but also in Finno-Ugric town museum has one of the largest collections of clay flutes and penny whistles. The clay toys of V. Toropov are also interesting. Many of them have been с according to pre-historic technologies. The master has intensively studied not modern ceramics, but also the clay toys found by archeologists within Komi school of national crafts teaches ceramics, and also wicker weaving of boast, rod and elm.  Elm items  have  their own  Syktyvdin  locks  and fasteners. One can buy a handmade original souvenir unique to this area in the local museum or works. The ethnocenter in the village of Pazhga  provides a unique opportunity to get acquainted with traditional crafts. The center can host  to forty visitors at a time, and offers classes in elm wicker-work, weaving and knitting lace on bobbins. A former elementary school which has been transformed int Center of Komi Culture Studies and National Crafts has guest rooms to accommodate visitors, and its workshops with professional teachers allow visitors to study basics of Komi ethnic crafts. There are more than ten looms which can be used by those who want to learn to weave towels and carpets. The ethnocenter provides required materials for people who want to try elm wicker work and lace weaving. Groups have three meals a day. Families can cook for themselves in the Center’s special room. Apart from ethnography classes, there are evening discos and game contests in the gym, and tours around the village.

ТОРлопов Художник- керамист и учащиеся студии Гончарик.jpg

Художник-керамист В. Л. Торопов и учащиеся студии Гончарик.jpg

Торопов Свистулька Битва 1.jpg


Дар бесценный. Каталог даров и безвозмездных передач 1996- 2003. - Сыктывкар, 2004. - С.51.

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