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Summer Reading Room


On June 2, 2014 in the National library of the Komi Republic there starts the action "Summer Reading Room: rest with the book" for  children having a rest in summer camps, organized at public schools. The action will be  till June 30, 2014.

Tasks of the action:

• Organization of reading for children having a rest in summer camps

• Stimulation of children’s reading

• Development of creative abilities, sports interests, intelligence of the child through the book and game

• Drawing attention of children to history of their small homeland

• Promoting healthy lifestyle

• Involvement of children to visit libraries

• Help to public schools in implementation of the National program of reading


The action "Summer reading room: rest with the book"is organized for the third time in such villages and settlements of the republic as: Chov, Nizhny Chov, Krasnozatonsky, Maksakovka, Vizyabozh, Yb, Vylgort, Studenets.

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