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Komi Poet and Linguist Ivan Kuratov is 175.


On 13 November  at the Komi National library there was organised a tribute to the poet Ivan Kuratov "Тайö  кывлысь мичсö сьöлöмöн  ме кылi..." ("The beauty of the Komi language I feel  with all my heart..."). The tribute dedicated to  175th anniversary of  birthday of the poet.

The main event of tribute is the collection of materials "Ivan A. Kuratov - poet, linguist, educator". Presentation of this collection revealed to the readers all facts of  creative works the outstanding scientist and linguist.
Guests of the library listened to the fragments from the opera "Kuratov" performed by singers of the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Komi, saw the sand installation inspired by the Ivan Kuratov’s poems. They also took part in the poetic sprint.

Also in the program was a photo session with artists, the literary horoscope from Ivan Kuratov’s poetry, art objects "Genealogical Tree the Kurtov’s family.  

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