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Night of Harry Potter


The Komi National Library  will join the  "Night of Harry Potter" on February 15 at 15.00. The action will be devoted to the magic world of novels of the English writer Joan Cathleen Rowling.

Only this evening guests of the library will be able to go with the favourite hero to Hogvarts. The doors to the amazing world of magic will be opened at School of Magic.

Guests will take part in the master class in production of the magic pen and "Abra-kadabra-pisaniyu", a lesson of "zelyevareniye". They will also  learn to say magic words from the novel.

The program will include the film screening of the movie "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

The faculty of "Slytherin" will host  all guests  in costumes  with a magic tea and sweets.

It might be possible to take part in a photoset on a sweeper of "Nimbus-2000" with which the young hero played Quidditch.

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