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New Literary Names in the Union of Russian Writers


On the 12-th of February in the Komi National Library a meeting "New Literary Names in the Union of Russian Writers" will be organised.

This day the readers will get acquainted with new names in the literary space of Russia/ Among them are writers from the Komi Republic: Victor Davydov, Stanislav Novikov, Ivan Nogiyev and Sergey Rulyov.

Victor Davydov began to be published in the last years. He became  famous  thanks to two books from the conceived trilogy "Who will throw a stone?" in a genre of the historical detective.

Spiritual stories of the orthodox writer Stanislav Novikov gained recognition of readers  after his  first book "To Whom Angels Come".

"Everyday" stories of the writer from the Ust-Kulomsky area Ivan Nogiyev are flavored with  light humour. In 2011 his stories for children were included into the Vinaigrette edition.

The collection of fantastic stories by the author Sergey Rulyov from his own words full of mysticism and  fantasy under the name "The Other World" was issued in 2012.

Guests of the library  will be able to ask the writers  interesting questions.

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