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Concert "Composers-veterans. Vocal creativities of A. Osipov”


Local  famous historian  and  propagandist of  Komi  arts  N. A. Mityushova  bored idea of organising  in the National library of the Republic of Komi of the concert devoted to memory of the composer Alexander Osipov. As a result  on March 15, 2015 in the National library there took place a lecture- concert "Composers-veterans”. Vocal creativities of A. Osipov" were devoted to memory of four Komi of composers.

The songs: "Maryamol" (V. Mastenitsa's music, G. Yushkov's words), "On coast of Pechora" (G. Semyashkin's music, A. Murzin's words, "Katshasinjyas" (A. Osipov's music, S. Popov's word, the poet-veteran), "Komi му" (P. Chistalyov's music) are the most known and favourite in our egion. Initiators of a concert - teachers of the Ezhva children's music school D. M. Karavayeva, E. A. Bobrikov and S. V. Golovin placed emphasis on little-known works. The requiem for the singing heroes "The ballad about the song" (P. Chistalyov's music, was  performed by D. M. Karavayeva. Firsova). The cycle of songs about  youth and love,  the native land (under the heading "The Forgotten Melodies")  A. Osipov became opening for the audience.

Guests of the meeting listened and sang songs with D. M. Karavayeva, and then  exchanged impressions, joyful emotions. " in department of literature of art for groups to 20 people on demands.

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