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French party "Komi Writers Abroad"

On March 11 and 14, 2013 in the Komi National library the first stage of the literary round "Komi Writers Abroad" will take place. We  invite readers to  travel to one of the most beautiful countries of the world – France.


Winter Jazz Mood

On January 30 in the Komi National Library there was the musical and poetic evening party titled "Winter Jazz Mood". This is the first of library actions of the "With the Book in Life" Megaproject.


The Literary Evening "We remember with all our hearts…”

On December 18, 2012 in the Komi National library there was organized the literary evening  "We remember with all our hearts…” devoted to 100 th anniversary of the Komi national poet  Serafim Alekseevich Popov (1913-2003).


Full texts by Komi writer Elena Gabova

This year the Komi writer Elena Gabova celebrated her anniversary, and as a gift to her the Komi National Library prepared a disk which included all her works ( 90 ). 


Anniversary days of the Library

On November, 1 – 2 there took place the International, interregional scientific and practical conference «Regional electronic libraries: experience, searches, findings» 


"Woe from Wit"

150 years ago, in 1862, in St. Petersburg there was published the first unabridged edition of the comedy of Alexander Sergeyevich Griboedov "Woe from Wit" with twenty five drawings of the known artist of that time of Mikhail Sergeyevich Bashilov. In the year of the first full publication   anniversary  of the comedy the Rare Book Fund  suggests readers to visit the exhibition.


We appreciate Alexander Nevsky

Within the cycle of actions «My History of Russia», devoted to the Year of  Russian history, the Department of Periodicals has prepared an exhibition devoted to 770-year date of the Victory of Alexander Nevsky in the fight with German knights on the Chudsky lake.


The book Marathon

«The book Marathon», devoted to the 175 anniversary of the Komi National Library started in February. The staff of the library – 2 librarians – have been  traveling to the cities and republic areas for 2 months already. They carry with them the most interesting rare editions, deliver lectures, organize  presentations of books.


From Dream to Reality – 10 years of Work

The Local Lore Department invites in 2012 to visit a cycle of exhibitions devoted to the republican program of operative anti-recessionary actions «From Dream to Reality – 10 years of Work».


The Book Lending Department Invites to Visit a New Exhibition

The human history is the sample of brilliant examples of service to Motherland. Therefore the Book Lending Department opens the new 2012 year with an exhibition «Legends Don't Die» devoted to 200 anniversary of victory of Russia in Patriotic War of 1812.


Action “Become the Advanced User of the Komi National Library”

These days for library readers there will be organized the following actions...


“Books for Young People”

From 15th of April 2011 the Lending Department of the Komi National Library presents the exhibition «Books for Young People», dedicated to the Youth Day , that is celebrated in our country on the 15th of April.The exhibition represents the most favourite books of different generations of Soviet and Russian young people of XX и XXI centuries.


Heigh, Pushkin!

The Rare Books Sector of the Komi National Library  presents the exhibition "Heigh, Pushkin!".  The exhibition is devoted to 175th anniversary of the publication of the story "The Captain's Daughter" and 190th anniversary of the publication of the poem "The Caucasus Prisoner." 


"The Housing Problem: about house-building and communal services "

Within the period from 10-26 of April the Department of Periodicals presents the exhibition "The Housing Problem: about house-building communal services" organized within the frameworks of the cycle: "Economic and social reforms in the Komi Republic: problems and solutions".


“Yugyd Va” National Park in Post Cards

The virtual exhibition “The Komi Republic: the Window into the World of Post Cards” contains the rubric “The nature. Tourism” that presents the new collection of post cards of “The national Park “Yugyd Va”.

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