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“Cosmonautics on the March”

On the 12th of April in 1961 the Soviet Union opened the cosmic era in the history of humanity. Jury Alexeevich Gagarin became the first explorer of space. In April 2011 the 50th anniversary of this event is celebrated.  


Unusual Holidays in April

The bibliographical department invites the readers to visit the exhibition “The unusual holidays of April” that is held from 1st till 30th of April.


“The Dacha’s Rhapsody”

The library invites the readers to visit the book exhibition “The Dacha’s Rhapsody” from 3d to 15th of April.


Repressive Theatres

On October, 27th in the National library the evening-party-requiem «Repressive Theatres: actors and directors ” took place. The party was devoted to the Memory Day of Victims of Political Repressions.


Miniature Books of the Library

In a matchbox there is a book. There are ten books on a palm. And in a portfolio there is the whole library. It seems almost improbable, but it is a reality.


Presentation of a Mobile Bus

On October, 18th, 2010 in the Komi National Library there was a presentation of a mobile complex of information-library service (KIBO).


Action "Become the Reader of the Komi National library"

From October, 11th till December, 5th the National Library of the Republic of Komi opens its 174th reader's season.


Provocative marketing. What is it?

The exhibition is organized by the Information-Marketing Centre for Business and will be on display till July, 4.


Literary-Patriotic Action “ Great Victory: Heritage and Heirs”

will take place within the period between 26 of April till 14th of May 2010.


Public Access Courses in the Library

Within the period from 26 till 30 of April in the Komi National Library there will be held Public Access Courses for specialists of Centers of Public Access to state information.


Jeremy Roy “Antonio Gaudy”

A new book, devoted to life and creative activities of a well-known Spanish architect Antonio Gaudy is in the Library’s stock now.


Продлить книгу

Срок пользования книгами можно продлить в режиме on-line.


«Вся жизнь в творческом поиске»

Под таким названием пройдет презентация биобиблиографического указателя к юбилею заслуженного работника культуры России, академика, патентоведа, Цили Израйльевны Зильберг.


«А во всем виновата любовь...»

Вытавка посвящена 415-летию трагедии Уильяма Шекспира «Ромео и Джульетта» (1595г.).


Выставка «Проверки, проверки, проверки...»

В ИМЦП 3 февраля открыта очередная выставка серии «Компас для бизнеса». Она посвящена проверкам малого бизнеса.

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