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On May 6, 2015 at 14.00 o'clock the reader’s club of local history "New Books"
Is organizing a meeting with the Candidate of Historical Sciences  and Professor of Syktyvkar State University L. P. Kucherenko. 


«Memory is stronger than time»: returned names of the Russian- German settlers
The party "Memory is stronger than time:  returned names of the Russian- German settlers" Will be organized on April 10 at 16.00 in the reading hall of the Komi National library. Presentation of the 2-d part of the 10-th  volume of the passional "Repentance" devoted to memory of German settlers in the Komi Republic during World War II. 


Meeting with the writer Victor Nikolaevich Nikolaev
On March 16, 2015  in the Komi National library  the creative meeting with Victor Nikolaevich Nikolaev - the writer and winner of many literary awards will be organised. This action will take place under the auspices of a Year of Literature in Russia and Years of Patriotism in the Komi Republic.


Concert "Composers-veterans. Vocal creativities of A. Osipov”
Local  famous historian  and  propagandist of  Komi  arts  N. A. Mityushova  bored idea of organising  in the National library of the Republic of Komi of the concert devoted to memory of the composer Alexander Osipov. As a result  on March 15, 2015 in the National library there took place a lecture- concert "Composers-veterans”. Vocal creativities of A. Osipov" were devoted to memory of four Komi of composers.


New Literary Names in the Union of Russian Writers
On the 12-th of February in the Komi National Library a meeting "New Literary Names in the Union of Russian Writers" will be organised.


Night of Harry Potter
The Komi National Library  will join the  "Night of Harry Potter" on February 15 at 15.00. The action will be devoted to the magic world of novels of the English writer Joan Cathleen Rowling.


Book Culture Museum will be opened in the Library
On December 23 at 14.00 in the  National library of the Komi Republic the  opening ceremony  of the Book Culture Museum  will take place. 


Komi Poet and Linguist Ivan Kuratov is 175.
On 13 November  at the Komi National library there was organised a tribute to the poet Ivan Kuratov "Тайö  кывлысь мичсö сьöлöмöн  ме кылi..." ("The beauty of the Komi language I feel  with all my heart..."). The tribute dedicated to  175th anniversary of  birthday of the poet. 


Summer Reading Room
On June 2, 2014 in the National library of the Komi Republic there starts the action "Summer Reading Room: rest with the book" for  children having a rest in summer camps, organized at public schools. The action will be  till June 30, 2014. 


Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin
On February 3, 2014 in 15. 00 in the Komi National library there will be organised a memorial party  "Roads of  "The Big Man", devoted to  125 anniversary since  birth of the Russian-American sociologist and  scholar of the XX century Pitirim Aleksandrovich Sorokin.


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